What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Two Eggs a Day

Eggs are one of the best foods for our health because they contain a lot of vitamins, proteins, antioxidants and minerals.

It is recommended to eat 2 to 3 eggs per day in order to boost your health and your immune system. You will find below the best 5 reason why you should consume at least two eggs every day.

Reduce the risk of cancer
By eating two eggs daily you can reduce the risk of breast cancer up to 20% and this is because of the amount of amino acids that eggs contain.

Improve your eyesight
Eggs contain a huge amount of vitamin A which is responsible for your eyesight. By eating two eggs each day, you will improve your eyesight very quickly.

Protect the brain
Eggs contain a small amount of choline which is a very important neurotransmitter for our brain. Choline is a vital substance and lack of it can have negative effects on the brain function.

Support the liver, skin and hair
The egg yolk contains a lot of proteins and minerals which will revitalize your dry skin and will make your hair glow. Eggs also contain some antioxidant substance which assists the liver in the detoxification process.

Help you lose weight
If you want to lose some pounds very fast and easy, you should definitely try to eat eggs daily. You have to know that eggs can satisfy your cravings and in this way you will eat less and you will start to lose some pounds very fast.

Spray This All Over Your Face In Night, Your Skin Will Become Milky White & Spotless

Everyone would like to have clear, acne-free skin.

Well, you can get it if you try today’s amazing spray.

This natural spray is very effective- it will leave you speechless. All you need to do is spray it all over your clean face before bedtime and let it act on your skin all night. The results are visible in a few days.

To prepare this facial spray, you will need


In a bowl take coconut water.
Add equal amount of rose water.
Mix it and your facial spray is ready to use.
Store this liquid in a spray bottle.
You can store this facial spray in refrigerator upto one month.
Use this facial spray anytime during the day and before going to bed. You can use it twice a day and once before going to bed.

Coconut water will remove all the scars and spots from your face. It also acts as natural moisturizer.
Rose water controls excess oil in your skin. Rose water helps in skin tightening and balances skin pH level. Rose water also cleanses your skin pores very well.
A combination of coconut water and rose water is the best solution for brightening yous skin.

Note: This facial spray is suitable for all skin types.

Don’t Give Up On Dry And Cracked Heels – Try This 2 Ingredient, $2 Solution

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to get your feet flip-flop ready! This can be daunting if your feet haven’t seen the light of day in months, or if you suffer from year-round cracked heels like I do. Show more text

If you’re just about ready to give up on your feet (and the idea of ever wearing sandals again) give this $2 foot soak a try first. If it worked on my dry and cracked heels, it’s sure to work on yours too!
I was skeptical to try this at first, but one try was all it took to realize that this truly was a game-changer. Not only did it work like a charm, but it worked better than every expensive alternative! Best of all, it cost me less than $2 for all of the supplies!

I already had all of the supplies at home, but if you don’t a quick trip to the drug store is all you need to get started. Once you have your ingredients, make sure you have a tub big enough for your feet and 15 minutes to spare.

Listerine And Vinegar Foot Soak
-1 cup Listerine (off-brand mouthwash works too!)
-1 cup vinegar (I used white vinegar, but you can also use apple cider vinegar)
-2 cups warm water
Here’s an example of another at-home foot transformation. If your feet look anything like the “before” picture, then this soak is for you!

1 Step – Fill your soaking tub with the Listerine, vinegar, and warm water.
2 Step – Plop your feet in and relax for 15 minutes.
3 Step – Using a pumice, gently slough off all of the dead skin.
While there are tons of pumice stones on the market, I found inexpensive pumice bars to work best. They can be found at most drug stores and beauty supply stores, and don’t cost more than a couple bucks each. Maintain your soft feet by using the pumice bar every few days in the shower. While they claim to work on both wet or dry feet, I’ve always had the best results when used wet. Add a bit of liquid body wash to the bar before scrubbing for extra softness.

If you suffer from dry or cracked feet, don’t give up on them just yet! They may be the most ignored body part, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve some TLC every once in a while.

This soak proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune on your feet to have them looking like a million bucks. Give it a try, and watch your heels transform before your eyes!

One Simple Trick To Regrow Your Lettuce So You Never Have To Pay For A Salad Again

If you love lettuce this article will be very useful because it will teach you how to grow your very own lettuce salad out of scratch and never pay for another salad again. Plus, you can grow it organically, without any pesticides or chemicals and boost its health benefits. But let’s see what those benefits are!one-simple-trick-to-regrow-your-lettuce-so-you-never-have-to-pay-for-a-salad-again

Lettuce Benefits

We know that lettuce is delicious and goes well in every combination and with every meal. But did you know it’s also very health beneficial?

It abounds in vitamins A and K. Vitamin K is essential for optimal blood and bone health while vitamin A plays a role in immune function, vision, reproduction, and cellular communication.
It’s rich in essential anti-inflammatory compounds and can even improve your cholesterol levels and resolve insomnia problems.
Growing this amazing herb in your very own home will be fun and healthy, is there a better combination? And it’s quite simple too!

Growing Lettuce At Home

Even if you don’t know gardening, this will be super easy. All you need is a stump and a bit of water.

Buy one organic fresh lettuce and chop up the leaves you’ll use for your salad. Leave a 1-2inch stem at the base of the head. Enjoy your salad first and then get to work!
Fill a jar with an inch of water and place the stem vertically. The base of the head should be in the water with the leaves pointing towards the ceiling.
Leave it in a sunny spot for 10-12 days. Add more water if necessary as the days pass by.
After 10-12 days you can harvest the freshly grown leaves and make your own delicious salad.